How do you clean a wound?

Refer to IWII Wound Infection in Clinical Practice (2022): USE CLEAN TECHNIQUE for small wounds requiring short wound dressing procedure (WDP) <20mins

​First Aid for bleeding cessation

What do you do when someone comes in within a bleeding wound?

Video demonstration of a bleeding finger

Demonstration of topical antimicrobial + secondary dressing application

Application of manuka honey + silicone foam

The Leg Club Podcast

The Role of the Pharmacist in Wound Care

Wounds Australia 2023

Wounds Awareness Week (WAW) 2023

A collaboration with The Wound Guy - Gary Bain on the WAW23 theme: "Getting wound care RIGHT! The RIGHT diagnosis and the RIGHT treatment at the RIGHT time."

Wounds Australia Wounds Awareness Week 2021

"The Truths & Myths of Wound Care"